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Visit these great places around Lima, Peru

Taking a break and exploring Lima’s surroundings on a short route is always a good idea. Very close to the capital, you can find several destinations await your visit, which you can enjoy as a couple, with friends, or with your family.
Let yourself be startled by the fact that the countryside and the sea are only a short distance away.

There are several places where you can find absolute tranquility, breathe different airs, and joy closer than you imagine.

Medieval castles, quiet beaches, hills full of greenery, archaeological complexes, historic ports, and picturesque towns are just some of the places where you can find absolute tranquility, breathe different airs, and enjoy being closer than you imagine.
Through these sites we share below, you can discover more about different fascinating places to visit very close to Lima and make your trip an unforgettable experience.

1. Chancay Castle

This castle, which is located an hour and a half north of Lima in the city of Chancay, was built in the 1920s on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
It is one of the most popular attractions in the north. Thousands of travellers visit each year to explore the complex corridors, see the rooms, and learn about the almost 250 rooms that house pre-Inca art treasures and towers with a spectacular view of the coastline.

Live music and dancing, themed stories for children and the whole family, medieval-style shows, and public contests are available at the venue.
There is currently a hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool you can enjoy during your visit.
You can also visit the Municipal Museum of Chancay, where you can find prehistoric artefacts from the local culture and remnants from the Pacific War.

2. Archaeological Sanctuary of Pachacámac

It is made up of large pyramidal temples and buildings with ramps. For more than 1,500 years, it was a sacred place for various cultures, as it was consecrated to the most important god of the Peruvian coast, Pachacámac. He was said to be the creator of the universe and the force that animated all living beings.

Inside, the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon or Acllahuasi stand out, both built during the heyday of the Incas. You can also see the famous oracle, capable of predicting the future according to legend, and which was a meeting point for many years for the Andean inhabitants who came to it to find answers to their questions.

In the place, there is also the Pachacámac Site Museum which shows the different pieces found in the area, such as ceramics and textiles, as well as the door of the idol chamber -a representation of the deity-.

3. Antioquía

Antioquia, located 70 kilometres southeast of Lima and around 3 hours distant, is one of the region’s most lovely and picturesque villages. Approximately a thousand people reside there.
The whole town is filled with white houses and embellished with pictures of angels, flowers, and animals in the style of the famous Ayacucho altarpieces.

The locals are passionate about growing apples, quinces, custard apples, and peaches, making jams, nectars, and vinegar to sell.

4. Azpitia

Because of its breathtaking views of the Mala River Valley, Azpitia also goes by “The Sky Balcony.” A spot where you may take in the fresh air while also sampling the local cuisine.
Except during the closed season, the town features several eateries specialising in shrimp.

The town of Azpitia is well known for its wine and pisco production. So, when you visit this beautiful place, don’t forget to stop by one of its vineyards to learn more about these delicious beverages.

5. Callao

Callao is Peru’s major port, with a plethora of sights to see. Among these is the Real Felipe Fortress, which was used to protect Lima during the Battle of May 2 and the Pacific War. The Naval Museum, which is housed aboard the Abtao submarine, is well worth a visit.

Walking through its streets, one can see several colonial and republican-style residences and balconies that are still in excellent shape, as well as its squares full of gardens. El Callao also welcomes you to explore its historic eateries and sample its exceptional sea gastronomy: a culinary feast for the senses.

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