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Why Choose Us

We care

In Terra Sur Travels we not only care about our travellers, but we care about the local communities and the environment.
When you acquire a tour from us, you become an active collaborator of the local and international foundations we work with in order to do our part.
Whether it is educating children at the coast of Ecuador, or helping out conservation projects in the Galapagos, we care!

The trip of your lifetime by supporting local projects

We tend to forget the impact we cause during our trips, both to the environment and to the people we visit.
Terra Sur Travels believes that regenerative tourism is the answer to start causing a positive impact while we enjoy different places and cultures.
So we chose the best local and respectable projects so that for every trip you take, we support one of them

These are some of our friends
that help us make a difference

When you travel with us,
you will only travel in small groups to enhance your experience

& protect the environment

Our main
goal is

to provide the BEST SERVICE to our CONSCIOUS TRAVELLERS, hand in hand with the local communities, our suppliers, and nature

Our mission is to

go the extra mile to GUARANTEE our travellers have the trip of their lifetime, by creating the EASIEST and most SUSTAINABLE way to travel

What we stand for

WE BELIEVE that travelling and exploring have mostly to do with PEOPLE and their TRADITIONS. Latin America’s exceptional and underestimated charm is what inspires us to create real EXPERIENCES for all our travellers.

WE PROMOTE slower travels, focusing on CONNECTIONS with local people, cultures, food, and music.

WE CONCEIVE a trip as a way to EDUCATE and have an EMOTIONAL IMPACT in the present and future while remaining as sustainable as possible for local communities and the ENVIRONMENT.

We have strong trust that cultural DIVERSITY is a driving force for development, not only in terms of economic growth but also as means of having a more enriching intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life.