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Adventurous & Unique
Travels in Latin America

Terra Sur Travels offers sustainable and meaningful travels with a local perspective

Sustainable Travels

Every trip we take has an impact on the location we visit

Terra Sur Travels makes sure you have meaningful and amazing trips while minimizing all the negative impacts behind them.
Your trips will make every location you visit a better place for its inhabitants and for mother nature.

You will have an unforgettable trip in the most responsible & sustainable way!

What our travellers say What our travellers say

Amazing service!

"I used Terra Sur Travels for my tours around Ecuador and they were nothing short of amazing."

By Nicole Masey Ayub

Excellent and knowledgeable service for stress-less travel

"Angelica and Christian offered a really amazing service. They made sure to really understand our wishes and already the first set of options they sent to us were great and spot on."

By Andreas Lindackers

Amazing & unforgettable experience, thanks to Terra Sur Travels!

"From the time I arrived late at night at Quito airport until the moment I arrived home 16 days later, I was in great hands."

By Carol Taylor

An indescribably great trip in Ecuador

I have traveled a lot in my life and had also experienced many different tour operators. This support from "Terra Sur Travels", which I was able to experience on this super nice trip, I can't top with any of my trips...

By Cleo

Tailor-Made Travels

There are no boundaries whatsoever. Any length, any combination of activities, accommodations, ways to travel, and countries can be combined and adjusted to guarantee the trip of your lifetime!

tailor-made trips