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Terra Sur Travels is here to make your sustainable tours epic! Go snorkeling in The Galapagos Islands, explore the wonders of Peru, and relax in the Colombian Caribbean. Adventure to the depths of the Rain Forest in Costa Rica and trek to the ancient tepuys in Canaima, Venezuela.

Terra Sur Travels designs every trip you take to benefit the people and the environment you visit, making you a vital piece in this enterprise. You make the world better by traveling with us!

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Don’t settle for the popular tourist destinations – be daring and explore the lesser-known areas with us!

By venturing off the beaten path, you’ll find hidden gems and authentic experiences that can truly immerse you in the local culture. Forge deeper connections with the locals and gain a unique insight into their way of life. Not only will this type of travel be more meaningful and rewarding, but it can also help support local economies and preserve traditional ways of life.

we make every trip unique

Discover Latin America with us!

The Best of Peru – The Ultimate Trip

19 Days - 18 Nights

Santiago & Valparaíso Art

4 Days - 3 Nights

Santa Fe Island Tour

1 Day Tour

North Seymour Snorkel Tour

1 Day Tour

Exploring Bogota & Cartagena

5 Days - 4 nights

Bartolome Island Tour

1 Day Tour

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We take the time to get to know you and your travel style so that we can design a personalized itinerary that perfectly fits your needs.

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Travel with purpose

Sustainable Tours

Every trip we take has an impact on the location we visit. We specialize in making sure your trip has minimal negative impacts on the locations you visit and their inhabitants.
You’ll have an unforgettable time while making a positive difference in the world!

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  • Trusted by hundreds of happy travelers!we take special pride in the many that have booked with us more than once
  • Stress-free travelssit back and relax! We handle everything according to your wishes
  • 24/7 Assistancefor anything and everything you need, we are there
  • Unique locationsall places and activities are carefully picked by us
  • Sustainable toursyour trips make every place better


Matthias Pascal C
Truly great!!

Amazing!!!! Without the truly great help and support of TerraSur Travels me and my girlfriend would never have had such a wonderful time on the Galápagos Islands and in Ecuador.
Thank you Angelica and Christian ☺️ can recommend them to everyone.

Peru experience

Unforgettable experience in Peru.
With terra sur travels you can enjoy your trip without any worries and you have always a good friend on your hand to help you in any situation.

Ina Schieferdecker
You have to experience that

Even before the start of our trip to the Galapagos, we received competent support with suggestions according to our wishes! We had a fantastic time and you were always there for us, thank you for everything and for getting to know you.


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