15 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Colombia

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There are millions of reasons why you should visit Colombia

But somehow, Colombia gets overlooked by plenty of travelers, which It’s kind of crazy if you ask us.

Colombia has everything and more! It has a very unique mix of culture, nature, and history that makes it a must-visit destination for those looking for a diverse and enriching travel experience.

Here are our 15 reasons why you should travel to Colombia:

1. Rich Culture

Colombia is home to a rich culture that blends indigenous, African, and Spanish influences. This is evident in its traditional festivals, music, dance, and food.

2. Beautiful Landscapes

Colombia has a diverse range of landscapes, from the Andes mountains to the Caribbean coast and the Amazon rainforest. The country is also home to several national parks that offer stunning views of its natural beauty.

3. Friendly People

One of the most important reasons why you should travel to Colombia!
Colombians are known for their hospitality and warmth, making it easy for visitors to feel at home. The country is also safe, with crime rates lower than many other countries in the region.

reasons why visit colombia
ATMs in Colombia

4. Affordable Prices

Colombia is a relatively affordable destination, especially when compared to other popular South American countries. This means that travelers can experience more of the country’s rich culture, natural beauty, and attractions without breaking the bank.

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5. Coffee Country

Another reason why go to Colombia is that Colombia is the world’s third-largest coffee producer, and coffee lovers will enjoy trying the country’s rich and flavorful coffee.

6. Fascinating History

Colombia has a rich history, dating back to the indigenous civilizations that inhabited the land before the arrival of the Spanish. The country’s history is showcased in its museums, colonial buildings, and historic sites.

They have done many interviews with me and they have always asked me which is the city that has impressed me the most in the world. I think I know almost all of them and I always answer the same: “Bogotá!” It is the city that has impressed me the most and has marked me the most. I perfectly remember my first arrival in Paris. I perfectly remember the first arrival in Rome, the first arrival in New York… none has ever impressed me as much as the one in Bogotá.


Gabriel García MárquezColombian novelist, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982

7. Adventure Activities

Colombia offers a range of adventure activities, from hiking and rock climbing in the Andes to rafting and kayaking in the Amazon rainforest.

8. World-Class Diving

 Colombia’s Caribbean coast is home to some of the world’s best diving sites, including the Rosario Islands, where divers can see colorful coral, diverse marine life, and shipwrecks.

9. Culinary Delights

Colombian cuisine is a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and African flavors, and offers a range of dishes to suit all tastes. Visitors can sample traditional dishes like arepas, bandeja paisa, and sancocho.

10. Caribbean Beaches

Colombia’s Caribbean coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with crystal-clear waters, palm trees, and white sand.

11. Wildlife

Colombia is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including jaguars, monkeys, toucans, and many more species. Visitors can see these animals in their natural habitat in the country’s national parks.

12. Street Art

A great reason why go to Colombia!

Colombia is home to a vibrant street art scene, with colorful murals and graffiti adorning the walls of cities like Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali.

13. Shopping

Colombia is a great place to shop for handmade goods, including textiles, pottery, jewelry, and other artisanal items.

14. Nightlife

Colombia has a vibrant nightlife, with a range of bars, clubs, and music venues offering a lively atmosphere and entertainment until the early hours of the morning.

15. Accessibility

Colombia is accessible from many international destinations, with flights from North America, Europe, and South America. It’s also easy to travel around the country, with a good road network and a range of public transport options.

In conclusion

Colombia offers countless opportunities for travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind and fascinating experience.

Colombia has plenty to offer for every kind of traveler, from its diverse culture, breathtaking scenery, and intriguing history to its reasonable costs, hospitable residents, and ease of accessibility. 

So, pack your bags, travel to this gem of South America, and experience everything Colombia has to offer!

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