What To Do Before You Travel


What to do before you travel

Traveling can be very stressful, especially if you are not prepared.

You have to check if your passport is valid; check if you need a visa to your travel destination, etc.
But worry not, we broke it down for you in this fantastic checklist before your trip to make sure you do everything in the right order and that you don’t leave anything out!

When you decide to travel

Check your passport validity

It must be valid for a minimum
of 6 months after your trip ends.
Check with your embassy
in your destination country,
since changes might be made.

Get some travel literature

Books about the place you are traveling to include information about sights, restaurants, transportation, and activities.

Check your vaccinations

You can check on the World Health Organization page to know which vaccines you will need for your trip.

Check for necessary visas

By entering some information into IATA Travel Centre, you can find out which documents you would need for your trip.


Get foreign currency

In Ecuador, you will need US Dollars (no higher than $20 bills)
In Colombia, you will need Pesos.
In Peru, you will need Soles.
In Venezuela, you will need US Dollars.
In Costa Rica, you will need Colón.

Inform your bank about your trip

They should know where and how long you will travel to avoid any blocked cards during your trip.

Prepare your travel documents

Passport, flight tickets, vouchers, etc. Don’t rely solely on your phone or another device for directions, reservations, and other crucial information! Batteries die, and electronics get stolen.

Inform your government

Your embassy should know about your trip (there’s usually a manual or online list, depending on your country).

Check our packing list

Make sure you assemble all your gear and clothing to pack over the next week.

Start doing laundry

You will hate to start packing and noticing your favorite sweater is on the dirty clothes.

Learn phrases of the local language

A few words and phrases in the local language are always useful!

Share your travel plans

Give your itinerary to family and friends so they can reach you if needed.

Find a home sitter

 If you have a house sitter or neighbor coming to check on things, leave them clear instructions.

Clear the fridge

Eat or give away leftovers and perishables. If you’re going on a long trip, you may want to clean and unplug the fridge to save energy.

Inspect your yard

Is the garden shed locked? Is everything put away? You don’t want to extend an invitation to thieves by leaving a ladder or tools in plain view.

Contact your alarm company

If you have a security system, let them know the dates you’ll be gone, as well as the name and number of a house sitter or neighbor.

Purchase travel insurance

You can purchase travel insurance any time before the date of your departure, although your plan choice may be limited if you wait until the last minute. But worry not! We can also help you with this.
Just click here for more info.

Scan your documents

Your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. This can help you get replacements more quickly, should you lose the originals.


Take out the trash

Rotting potatoes smell unbelievably gross. If onions, potatoes, garlic, or other items have been sitting around too long, toss or compost them before you leave.

Double-check everything

Check your itinerary for check-in and flight times (you will get live updates from our app)

Set your away email

Turn on email auto-responder to let people know you are away

Download useful travel apps

Apps for navigation, translation, and even guided meditations for serenity on those bumpy flights.

Finish packing

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your trip (medicine, clothing, papers, etc.)

Online check-in

Use online check-in for your flights, reserve seats, and print boarding passes if necessary.

Charge all of your electronics

No one wants to stand elbow-to-elbow with strangers at the airport charging station.

Photograph the contents

This makes it easier to file a baggage loss/delay claim if anything happens to your stuff.

Plan your trip to the airport

Book/plan your transfer from home to the airport. Cab and ridesharing services will often let you arrange a pickup in advance.


Withdraw some cash

Small bills are useful for tipping and buying anything you might need.

Leaving the house

Lock your doors, turn on alarms, let your neighbors know you are leaving.

Double-check your carry on

Put your passport in a safe place. You don’t want to be frantically hunting for it right before your departure. You may want to put it in the same place as your other last-minute essentials: sunglasses, phone charger, etc.


 If you tend to get a little anxious about packing, just remember that you can replace almost anything you forget. As long as you have money, identification, travel documents, and travel insurance, you’ll be fine.

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