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Meet the Team

Terra Sur Travels is a small yet sophisticated company, founded for the sole purpose of designing conscious trips in the easiest and most extraordinary way

From hiking through the highest mountains to sharing coffee with a shaman; we will do our best to make sure our travellers have a trip of a lifetime.

We love to travel, and we are absolutely in love with every corner of Ecuador, and all of Latin America: that is the reason why we know it so well…

We are intrepid travellers that are committed to providing the perfect trip for our travellers; a chance to help them lose themselves in a new beautiful place.

Meet the founders!

They have over 20 years of travelling experience altogether. They have been all over the planet and have travelled to almost every country in Latin America.
They’ve seen and done everything: Eating worms in the Amazon Rainforest, visiting one of the most dangerous prisons in Latin America (San Pedro, La Paz) walking around the remains of Chernobyl… You name it!

They met in Quito, back in 2018 and immediately realised that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Working and travelling to every corner of Latin America to bring you the best and most exclusive trips.

Christian Greiner


A Bavarian living in Ecuador. World traveler. In charge of amazing drone videos, website and designing the best itineraries.

Angelica Torres


Venezuelan, living in Ecuador. Traveller. In charge of PR, social media and designing the most specialized itineraries.

Julio Greiner Torres

Happiness Manager

From street dog to manager! My job is to welcome travellers and basically keep everybody happy. I also love getting treats.

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