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Let the people of Colombia show you why their country is the most friendly place on the planet

Colombia Launches New Brand Manifesto as the Most Welcoming Place on Earth.
The manifesto, which is based on the Colombian people’s warm and welcoming spirit, seeks to increase international tourism, attract more foreign investment, and enhance export promotion

Colombia’s new brand manifesto, “The Most Welcoming Place on Earth,” has been launched by ProColombia. The manifesto is a statement that seeks to inspire future leisure and business travel, foreign investment, and export promotion through marketing and sales communications efforts.
Carneval in Barranquilla

Also known as ‘Arenosa’ or ‘Currambla la Bella’ , Barranquilla is one of the main cities in Colombia. The days here are always lived as a true carnival, because the joy, music and tradition of this Caribbean city are felt in each of its squares and streets

Colombia's Coast

La Guajira is one of the most beautiful and exotic, its sources of greatest income are mining, salt exploitation and lately, its tourism sector has progressed significantly

The colonial town of Raquira is considered not only by national visitors, but also by foreigners, one of the most beautiful and welcoming places, situated in the department of Boyacá

Colombians sure know how to be the most welcoming people

The 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriel García Márquez, described the way Colombians are in the 1994 Report of the Wise Men, a document in which he lists the natural gifts of Colombian people as: “Creativity, a devastating determination of personal promotion, and an almost supernatural cunning”.

These qualities – of great importance throughout the history of Colombia – are joined by another key one: the ability to overcome any circumstance by learning from it.

Another great virtue is a component of the Colombian DNA: JOY, which shows in their warmth and customs. The way they greet you makes you feel like you have been friends forever.

You hear them say “Parcero!” (friend) with such excitement that they immediately put a smile on your face.

It is not possible to define Cartagena. Historians have invented another Cartagena that has nothing to do with the real one.

Gabriel García MárquezNovelist, screenwriter, journalist

Colombians love sharing

In Colombia, a table for two can just as easily sit six, because, as another Colombian phrase goes, “where two can eat, so can three”, and so on.

Colombian people love to share with newcomers the spectacular flavours that make up the various traditional dishes of each region. With so many different delicious things to try, it’s no wonder they often say, “a full belly is a happy heart”.

Thanks to Colombia’s privileged geographic location, Colombian chefs are inspired by countless products from different regions.
They are always ready to welcome new faces to try traditional dishes such as the ‘bandeja paisa’ and ‘ajiaco santafereño’ or the various forms of ‘sancocho’.

People from Colombia have music running through their veins

It’s often said that music is the universal language, which means that, with over 1,000 rhythms grouped within 150 musical genres, Colombians are ready to communicate with you in countless different ways: through melodies, instruments, and some remarkable dance moves.

Some of the most popular rhythms incorporate drums and accordion, and some like salsa and vallenato will fill you with emotion. Their unique structures, sounds and themes don’t just light up Colombia’s many festivals, but also represent a cultural legacy that has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Culture all-around

The most welcoming country in the world is currently home to eight sites that have been listed as part of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. These include the walled city, fortresses and monuments of Cartagena de Indias, the Los Katíos Natural National Park, the Historical Center of Mompox, and the Coffee Cultural Landscape, among others.

Visiting and exploring these places will certainly make you want to stay in their incredible atmosphere. And if you do decide to extend your visit (perhaps indefinitely), Colombian cities like Medellin have an ideal quality of life that partners with a very appealing cost of living. This was highlighted by Forbes magazine, which ranked Colombia among the top ten ideal countries for retirement.

This country doesn’t just have historic sites, but also great traditions that have been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage. Some of them are parts of the most important Colombian festivals, such as the Blacks and Whites Carnival in Pasto, the world-famous Carnival of Barranquilla, and the marimba music and the traditional songs of the South Pacific that can be enjoyed in the Petronio Álvarez Festival.

Cities in Colombia



Santiago de Cali

Cities in Colombia


This is Colombia, the most welcoming country in the world!
Where people want to share the very best their country has to offer with all of those who visit.
Come and find out just how much Colombians will make you feel at home!

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