Wi-Fi in Latin America

OK, this is kind of a big deal for most travellers.

First of all: Internet access is widely available in South America.

When you come to Ecuador and most Latin American countries, you will find Wi-Fi at most convenient places. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, whatever.

They usually have open networks, or a password written down on the menu or a board on the wall. If not, just ask a waiter, a guide, a guard or someone else who works there.

It gets more difficult when you travel around the countryside.

The more rural, the worse, and the free Wi-Fi some bus companies offer just doesn’t exist.

Of course you can get a local SIM-card, for a couple of dollars, giving you enough gigabytes, or ‘megas’, as it’s called here, for your trip, but please don’t expect too much coverage throughout the country.

In secluded areas like the national parks in the Andes, the Amazon basin, or on boat trips between the Galapagos islands you are mostly cut off. 

On the other hand, in cities, on main overland roads and highways, you will usually have a decent connection.

The same applies for our other destinations, Colombia and Peru. 

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