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What to Pack for a Day Tour

Andes - Galapagos - Amazon

What to pack?!?…

You will have a lot of these days in Latin America. No matter if you travel with us to Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia or Venezuela.
Days where you leave your Hotel, Lodge or Hacienda, do loads of activities and return exhausted and happy in the evening.

You want to travel light on the excursions, so here are a few tips to stay flexible and efficient. We tell you what is an absolute must-have in your backpack.

In general:

Day Tour - Backpack
A backpack

With a volume of around 20 liters, light-weight and simple.

Day Tour - Water bottle
A water bottle

Reuseable. Filled.

Day Tour - Passport
Some kind of identification

ID, passport.

Day Tour - Money

For those in-between beers, souvenirs or tips.

Day Tour - Tissues
Day Tour - Band-Aids

For blisters and cuts.

Day Tour - Sunscreen

We would always carry SPF50. And reef safe.

Day Tour - Hat

With a wide brim. A very important thing to pack!

Day Tour - Phone/Camera
Phone / Camera
Day Tour - Mosquito repellent
Mosquito repellent

Preferably with DEET or Icaridin as active ingredients. But use wisely due to its questionable impact on nature. 

Day Tours - Binoculars
Day Tours - Sunglasses
Day Tours - Pocket knife
Pocket knife
Day Tours - Raincoat
Things to pack - Cotopaxi


Dress in order to change as fast as the weather up here. Long pants, layers for sunny, cloudy and rainy days. A windbreaker and raincoat/poncho. Good hiking shoes.
For higher altitudes also gloves and a wooly hat, maybe trekking poles.
Day Tours - Galapagos


Here it depends on where you go for the day: activities at the sea, the highlands, or both.
For the sea, a bathing suit is a must, a small towel, easy drying clothes.
Water shoes, for wearing on the boat and for those rocky seabeds really come in handy. A waterproof camera or case for your phone.
In the highlands, on longer hikes a raincoat is useful, especially on Isabela island.
Day Tours - Amazon


Rubber boots and a rain poncho are usually provided by the lodges, so two things less you have to think about. Long pants are suggested here, stuffed in your boots, for walks in the rainforest. Also mosquito-repellent is a must throughout the day, especially at dawn or dusk.
Things to pack - Sunscreen bottles


...we really can’t stress this enough: carry and USE sunscreen!
The sun is extremely strong around the equator, even more combined with high altitudes or the open sea. Even if it’s cloudy!
Use a high SPF (50 or higher), use it right in the morning and repeat during the day. You won’t regret that, but you would definitely regret a sunburn!
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