Air travel:

Ecuador has 2 international airports for in- and outbound transport:

Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito (IATA:UIO) is located roughly 35km east of the city.

José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil (IATA:GYE) is only a few kilometers outside the city.

Both airports have several connections to North America and Europe, as well as connections to other Latin American countries like Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

There are also a few domestic airports in Cuenca, Loja, Lago Agrio, Rio Coca, Machala, Salinas, Manta and Esmeraldas. All of them have direct connections to the capital.

The Galapagos islands have 2 airports connected to the mainland, in Baltra (GPS) and San Cristóbal (SCY). Also there’s an airport in Isabela island, with only the route San Cristóbal – Baltra – Isabela being served.


Bus travel:

Traveling by bus in Ecuador is easy and cheap. Most cities and smaller towns have bus terminals, where you buy your ticket directly on the go.

For longer routes and overnight trips, please check first directly with the bus companies or at the terminal. Unfortunately, searching online for prices and schedules is often not reliable (yet).

In Quito, there’s 3 major bus terminals:

In the south in Quitumbe, which serves mostly destinations going south.

For northern Quito the smaller La Ofelia terminal and Carcelén, both of them offering routes to the north, the east and a few destinations at the coast.



Taxis are everywhere and quite cheap. Just make sure your driver has the meter running properly. The safer, and most of the time cheaper option is to use Uber or Cabify.


Public inner city transport (Quito):

The Ecovia, a stretched bus that uses mostly it’s own lanes, serves throughout Quito on several routes north to south. The price per ticket is 0.25$.

Try to avoid using it at least during rush hours, since it’s usually packed then.

Also, hold your backpack and valuables tight to yourself, there might be pickpockets!

The brand new Metro system, that will connect Quito from north to south under ground, hasn’t opened yet, but hopefully will do in the near future.

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