17-Day Magical Honeymoon


Every trip you take with your loved one is special. But when we talk about your honeymoon: it has to be FANTASTIC!
We will take you and your loved one to magical places on this unforgettable trip to the mainland of Ecuador. First, you will explore the beautiful Amazon, to close with the breathtaking Andes.

During your trip, you won’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and relax, we got you.

17 Days
18+ Age
  • Destination

  • Included

    24/7 Assistance
    English Speaking Guides
    Services as described
  • Not Included

    Domestic Flights
    International Flights
    Personal Expenses
    Services not described
    Travel insurance

Day 1: Hello Quito

Today your Magical Honeymoon in Ecuador begins! You will be welcomed at the airport by your private guide who will take you to the hacienda where you will spend the night.
    This unique hacienda is a hidden gem located away from the city. The whole hacienda is a majestic sculpture built in the middle of the last century.
    Surrounded by caves and nature, you will feel like you are part of a fantasy medieval storybook.
    A romantic dinner will be served for you upon arrival.
    Meals included: Dinner
    Hotel: Hacienda Las Cuevas - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 2: Your own perspective of Quito

Because we know you are probably tired from your long flight from yesterday, you will have time to sleep late and have a delicious breakfast; maybe walk around the property and explore the concealed nooks of the hacienda.
    Just before noon, your private guide will pick you up to take you to explore the city, but in a unique way. Your guide will only take you to those places that are an absolute must for you.
    If you are into architecture, your guide will show you the most important architectural highlights of the city; but if you are into gastronomy, your guide will take you to the best places where you can taste the real local cuisine.
    It is up to you where you go!
    We only ask you to let us know the things you are interested in, and we will make this day an unforgettable one.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Hacienda Las Cuevas - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 3: Amazon Rainforest: Cuyabeno Reserve

Gear up! On this day, you will go to the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
    Your driver will pick you up from the hacienda and take you back to the airport, where you will catch a 30-minute flight over the Andes to Lago Agrio City city, one of the gateways to the Amazon in Ecuador.
    After picking up everyone who will arrive by plane, you will journey by private transport to the entrance to the Cuyabeno Reserve, for 2 hours.
    From the entrance of the Reserve Cuyabeno you will take the canoe ride down the Cuyabeno River to get to the lodge, approximately 2 hours, if the river has a considerable level of water, when it is shallow in the dry season it will take more time.
    The lunch is served at the Lodge around 14:00. In the afternoon you will start the activity around 16:00, to visit the Laguna Grande and other attractions nearby. Around 17:30, you will get to the Lagoon to swim and to see the sunset, which is one of the most amazing parts of the tour.
    At 18:00 an exciting night walk awaits you, during the walk, you can expect to see lots of insects, spiders, tarantulas; also, to listen to the jungle at night which is so incredible.
    The dinner is served at 20:00. After dinner, the guide will impart a short briefing of the Lodge and the reserve Cuyabeno, also the itinerary for the next day.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Piranha Lodge - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private & Shared

Day 4: Walking & Swimming in the Rainforest

The breakfast is served at 08:00 a.m, however, you can wake up early in the morning; if you like birds you can always be on top of the canopy tower watching birds, also the sunrise.
    After breakfast, you will take a short canoe ride to the Laguna Grande. Here around the Lagoon, there are a couple of paths where you’ll take a hike in the rainforest for 3 hours approximately, to learn about medicinal plants and the biological flora and fauna. Once the hike ends, you will return to the lodge with the motor canoe or paddling.
    In the afternoon you will have time to relax by the river or enjoy a siesta in one of our hammocks. The afternoon activity starts around 16:00, which includes a short canoe ride to other Lagoons nearby and the Cuyabeno River to look for some wildlife. Around 17:30, it is time to swim and watch the sunset.
    You will start the activity for Caiman searching, maybe if you are lucky, probably see the Amazon Tree Boa which is common to see at night.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Piranha Lodge - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private & Shared

Day 5: Indigenous Community Experience

Be prepared for a full day of adventures! The canoe ride starts around 09:00 down the Cuyabeno River, slowly looking for some wildlife.
    In one hour you will arrive in the indigenous community; where you will visit an indigenous family.
    Here the guide will take you around, to explain about their culture and traditions; following with the emblematic activity of the preparation of the traditional food called “Casabe”.
    Further down, on the Cuyabeno River is located the Shaman, the program involves visiting the shaman and to know about his culture and tradition. Also, to get treated with a medicinal plant called “red stinging nettle”.
    After visiting the Shaman, you will stop down the Cuyabeno River to see the biggest tree in the Rainforest called “Ceiba”, then head back to the lodge. Now you can have a short break to have tea or coffee.
    If you don’t feel tired you can go to the Lagoon to see the last sunset and to search for animals that you haven’t seen yet.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Piranha Lodge - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private & Shared

Day 6: Goodbye Amazon & Back to the Andes

On this final day in the Amazon, you will have one last canoe ride in the Cuyabeno River where you might be able to see rare species of birds, giant otters and hopefully many other animals.
    After that, you will begin your trip back to the city of Lago Agrio, from where you will board a flight back to Quito.
    Your private driver will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you to the beautiful Hacienda La Alegria, a family horseback riding farm in the heart of Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes.
    Your host, Gabriel Espinosa, comes from a family steeped in equestrian tradition, and his enthusiasm for riding and horses is at the core of everything they do at La Alegria.
    Every day of the year there are farm activities like milking cows, and you are welcome to admire or participate in them.
    Meals included: Breakfast
    Hotel: Hacienda La Alegria - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 7: Chagra Experience & Horseback Ride in the Andes

Today you will have one of the most amazing experiences of your Magical Honeymoon, a beautiful horseback ride on the lower slopes of Corazon Volcano.
    You will enjoy a spectacular view of the valley dividing the eastern and western ranges of the Andes.
    But before going on horseback riding, the “Chagra” or Andean Cowboy will teach you to handle the lasso, how to handle the cattle, how to tie knots and the overall skills needed for a small “rodeo” (the local given name to a cattle drive, comes from the verb “rodear” which means surround) that will be held after you learn and practice the skills.
    Afterwards, you will then continue on your horseback riding adventure!
    You don't have to be an experienced rider to enjoy this beautiful ride.
    Beginners and experienced riders alike have found the horses in the hacienda easy to ride, willing and well mannered. But if you are an experienced rider you will be given plenty of opportunity to canter.
    You will always be accompanied by your very much experienced rider-guide who will show you the way.
    After this beautiful experience, you will have time to relax and maybe participate in the herding, tame horses, or herd cattle back to the stable along with the Chagras.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Hacienda La Alegria - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 8: Biking in the Cotopaxi Volcano & Drive to Isinlivi

Today, you will go to one of the most iconic places in the Ecuadorian Andes, the majestic Cotopaxi Volcano!
    After breakfast, your private guide will pick you up to take you to the northern part of the volcano, where you will bike through an astonishing path with incredible views of the Cotopaxi.
    After this wonderful biking experience, your guide will take you to the tiny charming town of Insilivi.
    You will stay in a small eco-friendly lodge called Llullu Llama.
    You will be surrounded by impressive volcanoes, breathtaking mountain views, traditional highland villages and friendly indigenous people.
    In the evening, a delicious dinner will be served for you two.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Llullu Llama Lodge - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 9: The Emerald Waters of the Quilotoa & To Riobamba

Your private guide will pick you up after you enjoy a delightful breakfast in the lodge, to drive you to the extraordinary Quilotoa Volcano.
    What makes Quilotoa so special is the beauty of its landscapes and the spectacular calm emerald waters.
    It is approximately a half-hour hike down from the viewpoint at 3914 m.a.s.l, and a 1- to 2-hour hike back up the 280-meter vertical ascent.
    You will have the chance to kayak in the emerald waters of one of the few crater lagoons on the planet.
    Going back up will be challenging, just take all the time you need, and go at your own pace. There might be locals offering you a mule to rent that can take you back to the top; we recommend not to take this service, as we consider the mules are not treated properly.
    Once you are back to the top, you will be taking for a nice local lunch, to continue your journey south, to Riobamba.
    Riobamba, also known as “La Sultana de Los Andes”, is a town surrounded by beautiful mountains and volcanoes such as the Chimborazo, the highest in Ecuador and the closest point to the sun.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Quindeloma Art Hotel - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 10: Spa Morning & Walking Around Town

You have had enough exhausting activities so far, now it’s time for you and your loved one to spend a relaxing spa morning.
    You will have a relaxing full body couples massage and have free time to spend in the pools of your hotel.
    Afterwards, your guide will pick you up from your hotel to take you exploring this beautiful town.
    You will walk to Loma de Quito, where you will enjoy great views of Chimborazo, Carihuairazo and other snow-capped volcanoes.
    Later on, you will continue walking to the old town, visit Plaza Roja, visit the religious art museum Convento de la Concepción.
    You will walk to Parque Maldonado, visit Cathedral and Museo de la Ciudad. You will learn about the manufacture of horse saddles and zamarro pants in a “talabarteria”.
    And to close this great walking tour, you will go to La Merced Market, and enjoy traditional fruit juice made with ice of Chimborazo.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Quindeloma Art Hotel - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 11: The Mighty Chimborazo Volcano & Drive to Guamote

This is the day where you will appreciate all the acclimation you’ve gotten so far. You will have the opportunity to hike up the refuge in the steep Chimborazo.
    You will be picked up from your hotel and drive to the Chimborazo Reserve, passing by several indigenous villages.
    With clear weather, you will have breathtaking views of Chimborazo.
    You will have the chance to spot the vicuñas and learn about the typical vegetation of El Arenal, a desert-like area formed by ancient eruptions of Chimborazo.
    You will continue by car to the Carrel refuge at 4850 m.a.s.l. After a hot coca tea (great for altitude sickness), you will start the 1-kilometre hike to the Whymper hut at 5060 m.a.s.l.
    This is not a difficult trail, but due to the thin air you have to hike slowly, and since it is your private exclusive tour, you can take as much time as you need.
    You will have time to relax in the refuge and drink some more coca tea before you start going back down.
    You will enjoy a delicious local lunch to celebrate this amazing achievement!
    Afterwards, your driver will take you further south in the Chimborazo province, to a magical town called Guamote.
    The canton of Guamote is the most traditional region in Ecuador. 95% of the population is Indigenous (while in the whole of Ecuador it is only 25%).
    You will stay in Inti Sisa, where the lovely staff will make sure you feel at home during your time in the comfortable guesthouse.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 12: Your Indigenous Wedding Ritual

You will start the day with a visit to Inti Sisa’s own educational centre.
    There you will have the opportunity to interact with the children of the community that are always happy to show everyone all they have learned in school so far.
    You should also be prepared to play some football or pato-ganso with the kids (available only from Monday to Friday).
    Afterwards, you will have a nice ride south to visit some of the communities we work with.
    You will go to the house of a traditional weaver family who will show you how they make their typical ponchos and fabrics from the wool of their own sheep and alpaca.
    Next, you will head to the next house, where your wedding will take place.
    Upon arrival, you will dress up for your very own indigenous wedding ritual!
    Men have to wear a poncho and women have to wear a balleta, which is part of a typical indigenous wedding, the clothing is provided by the weaver family.
    The ceremony will take place under the family tree next to the hut, where you will receive the blessing of the patriarch, who is a shepherd, and the rest of the family will be the godparents of your indigenous wedding.
    Afterwards, you will all make a toast to your happiness and for your forever lasting bond.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Inti Sisa Art Guesthouse - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 13: Inca Ruins of Ingapirca & Drive to Cuenca

After your breakfast, your guide will drive you to the most important archaeological site in Ecuador, The Ingapirca Ruins.
    The ruins of Ingapirca are composed of a cemetery, solar observatories, roads, and an indigenous plaza. You will appreciate the incredible architectural techniques when you see that the buildings are made of stones perfectly carved and joined with natural mortar.
    In the archaeological complex, the Temple of the Sun or Castle is considered as the main nucleus of the place.
    Ingapirca is a part of the Qhapaq Ñan – Andean Road System. Moreover, Ingapirca concentrated the Cañari culture (500 A.D.) and united diverse cultures through the Tahuantinsuyo. Ingapirca as well as Machu Picchu in Cusco (Peru), symbolises the power of the Inca civilization.
    Ingapirca offers us a view of the past and allows us to know the Cañari and Inca cultures.
    After your archaeological morning, you will drive to Santa Ana de Los Ríos de Cuenca.
    The richness of its architecture and culture, in general, earned Cuenca the appointment of Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1999.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Hotel Boutique Los Balcones - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 14: Exploring Cuenca & Spa Day

On this day, you will explore the beautiful city of Cuenca, including places such as the picturesque and traditional Barrio de San Sebastián, the Museum of Modern Art, Calderon Park (central park), La Plaza de las Flores, La Catedral del Sagrario (Old Cathedral), Cathedral Immaculate Conception (New Cathedral) considered the largest in Latin America.
    It also includes a visit to a famous Toquilla Straw Hat Factory, where the finest hats are made.
    You will also go through the majesty and charm of the Barranco where the architecture meets the natural environment.
    You will close the exploration by arriving at the “Mirador de Turi” where the landscape of a valley full of red roofs and blue domes is framed by imposing mountains. On the way, we visit the Ceramic House-Workshop of Eduardo Vega, a famous Cuencano potter.
    The visit to the ceramics workshop will take place depending on the availability of the artist.
    After your tour around the city, you will be pampered in the amazing Piedra de Agua Spa.
    You will enjoy Turkish baths, red mud therapy, blue mud therapy, underground contrast thermal, thermal pool, relaxation massage, a glass of wine in the underground hot springs and a delicious fruit tray.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Hotel: Hotel Boutique Los Balcones - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 15: Cajas National Park & Chocolate Experience

After breakfast, your driver will pick you up from your hotel to drive you to the gorgeous Hacienda La Danesa.
    You will stop on the way to explore through the enchanted Cajas National Park.
    El Cajas is full of lagoons: there are about 165 lagoons that are over 1 hectare.
    The condors which fly over the area must get an amazing view of this; a green and golden carpet of wrinkled valleys that all guard their own lagoons, which are interconnected by small streams.
    Afterwards, you will continue driving towards your hacienda.
    Located in the coastal region of Ecuador, Hacienda La Danesa offers a mindful approach to living the good life. “Deep green” with discrete luxury, a subtle traditional aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness.
    Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by the staff, and taken to your room.
    Later on, you will participate in a chocolate workshop. You will be provided with everything you need: cookware, ingredients & recipes.
    After a short walk to the cacao plantation for an introduction to the chocolate industry, you will go back to the farm house and go through the whole process and start tempering the chocolate!
    Once you have tempered the chocolate, you will start crafting your own chocolate bars before making chocolate Ganache (the filling) from scratch.
    You can either eat your own chocolates on the spot or take them home to your friends and family.
    This workshop is organized so you understand the basics of Ecuadorian chocolate making and you will be able to make chocolates again.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Hacienda La Danesa - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 16: Riding Along Water Buffaloes

After breakfast, you will visit Hacienda La Victoria, 15 minutes drive from Hacienda La Danesa.
    Hacienda La Victoria is known for its excellence in Brahman and Water Buffaloe's farming.
    Upon arriving you will be greeted by a family member for a traditional Ecuadorian coffee and snack with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Here you will receive a briefing of the areas you will visit and learn about their operations.
    Before riding their horses or mules, you will try your luck fishing your lunch. Once you fish your lunch, the cook will kindly prepare it for you upon your return to the hacienda.
    The horseback riding experience will be about an hour where you will get up close to the water buffalos where you will be so close that you will feel their breath. You will also see over 20 different types of birds so this experience is great for birdwatchers as well.
    Upon your arrival back to the hacienda, you will be greeted with fresh lemonade and a beautiful lunch (fished by you) accompanied by the favourite house wine next to the lake. When days are clear you will see the beautiful highlands on the horizon.
    Afterwards, you will be driven back to La Danesa.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Hotel: Hacienda La Danesa - subject to availability
    Type of service: Private

Day 17: Farewell

Today is the last day of your Magical Honeymoon. You will enjoy a delicious breakfast, and be driven to Guayaquil airport where you will catch your flight back home, or continue to your next destination… Maybe Galpagagos or Peru? Your choice!  
    Meals included: Breakfast
    Type of service: Private
  It will be our pleasure to host you during this once in a lifetime trip!

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