Alya – Cruise the Southern Galapagos Islands

This fantastic cruise on your luxurious vessel M/C Alya brings you to the islands in the east and south of the Galapagos archipelago.

The bigger islands of San Cristobal, Floreana and Santa Cruz are waiting for you, as well as the solitary and uninhabited islands of Española, South Plazas & Santa Fe.
On 6 days and 5 nights aboard your ship, you will have amazing adventures on land and sea in the Galapagos.

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Day 1 Saturday: Baltra - North Seymour

Today your adventure starts! You will fly into Baltra Airport (GPS) from Ecuador’s mainland. (Domestic flights included) Your guide will already be waiting for you, ready to escort you to the boat, the M/C Alya. Once you check in to your cabin, lunch will be served. In the afternoon, you go on your first excursion: North Seymour Island. The vegetation here is mostly bushy, you will find frigate birds nesting here as well as iguanas. In the evening you will enjoy a fantastic dinner on board. And maybe you have a drink on the main deck and cheers to your first night in the Galapagos.

Day 2 Sunday: South Plazas - Santa Fe

Today, after a rich breakfast, you will go to South Plazas. These are two small islands, created by an uplifting of the land. The iguanas are smaller here and they nest during the warmer season between January and June. On your hike around the island you will walk past extraordinary cliffs and observe a huge colony of sea lions in the south. In the afternoon, after a lunch on board Alya, you will travel to Santa Fe island, uninhabited and with large colonies of seals lying on the beaches. The turquoise and calm water in the incredible bay that you will visit is the perfect habitat for them, protected by a natural barrier of rocks. The island is also home to land iguanas, whose main food source are the leaves and fruits of a cactus that grows here. Crabs, nocturnal herons, marine iguanas, cucuves and land doves are seen frequently. Marine tortoises, rays, sea lions and tropical fish inhabited these beautiful waters, where you can swim and snorkel.

Day 3 Monday: San Cristobal - Interpretation Center - Kicker Rock - Lobos Island

In the morning you will have a dry landing in San Cristobal and you will head to the Interpretation Center. The center offers expositions on natural history and conservation and explains the history of the settlements of the islands. You will learn about the volcanic formation of the islands and the evolution of the species. After lunch, you go on to Kicker Rock, where you can snorkel and swim alongside  Hammerheads, Galapagos Shark or White-tip Reef sharks. Kicker Rock itself is a stunning rock formation in the middle of the ocean. Later, you will have a panga ride to Lobos Island, where you will take a walk around, and spot seals, frigates, marine iguanas, lava lizards, and the small endemic Galapagos snake. Here as well, you have the opportunity to jump into the water and snorkel a bit.

Day 4 Tuesday: Espanola Island - Gardner Bay - Suarez Point

Today, in Gardner Bay, you are going to find many seals relaxing on the beach enjoying the sun while walking around. In addition to observing these fascinating animals, while snorkeling, you will be able to swim with sea lions, sea turtles, a diversity of tropical fish and marine iguanas. In the afternoon, one of the highlights of many visiting the Galapagos follows: You will be able to see the blue-footed boobies! Also, the mighty albatross nests here, around twelve thousand couples live on the island. It is important to note that these animals are not on Espanola from January to March, since that is not their breeding season. Besides the albatross, you will also be able to observe colonies of marine iguanas, zayapas, masked boobies, finches, cucuves and seagulls unique to the islands.

Day 5 Wednesday: Floreana - Cormorant Point - Devil’s Crown - Cerro Allieri

Cormorant Point in the west of Floreana is on this morning's schedule. You will spot sea lions, sea iguanas and pelicans on a very unique dark green beach, which has its colour from olivine crystals. You will have the possibilities of taking a short hike as well as some snorkeling. Later, you will take a panga ride around Devil’s Crown, a small islet off Floreana. Due to constant erosion, the rock formation looks like a crown, and you can swim or snorkel within the rocks. It’s also a great place for shallow diving. After lunch, you travel to Cerro Allieri, a quite muddy place with very often rainy weather. Here, a small hike is on your schedule, walking amongst plants like Lippia salicifolia, Linum cratericola, Lecocarpus pinnatifidus and Scalesia Pedunculata. Also, the critically endangered  Linum cratericola, the Floreana Flax, grows here, only about 40 of these can be found. After dinner, enjoy a glass of wine on board the Alya since it is your last evening in the Galapagos. Let your thoughts drift into the distance with all the memories you made in the last days.

Day 6 Thursday: Santa Cruz - Highlands

After a rich breakfast, you will visit the Highlands of Santa Cruz, the natural habitat of the giant tortoises. On a hike through the foggy grasslands you will be able to take pictures of these magnificent giants. Here is also where your adventure ends. You will be brought on a private transport to Baltra Airport, where your flight back to mainland Ecuador waits for you. Take a last look out of the window and think about the great experiences you had, here on the enchanted islands.
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