8-Day Amazon Immersion Ecuador

This is a huge one! This is an adventure of epic proportions to the Amazon.

On this trip, you will travel through the most remote parts of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. From the frontier town of Lago Agrio, you will make your way down the rivers Aguarico, Lagarto Cocha, Cocaya, along the border to Peru. Finally, upstream Rio Napo, arriving in the town of El Coca after 8 days and 7 nights.

You travel by motor canoe, hike through the deepest jungles. Camp and sleep in tents close to the rivers and lakes.
Enjoy campfires, observe the pristine and raw wildlife, try your luck at fishing for Piranhas, and see the legendary pink river dolphin and be as close to nature as possible.

  • Destination

  • Departure

    Lago Agrio
  • Included

    24/7 Assistance
    English Speaking Guides
    Services as described
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    Domestic Flights
    International Flights
    Personal Expenses
    Services not described
    Travel insurance

Day 1: Lago Agrio - Rio Aguarico - Laguna Iripari

    Today, your crazy adventure starts! You will be picked up in Lago Agrio, and take a 2 hour ride to the sleepy village of Tierras Orientales, at the shores of Rio Aguarico.
    You will jump into a motorized canoe and navigate downstream this beautiful whitewater river until you reach the mouth of the Cuyabeno blackwater river. Here, you might be able to see your first pink river dolphin!
    You will have a picnic and, if you want, you can jump into the waters for a refreshing swim.
    From here, you travel further east, through Kichwa territory, until you reach your camp for the night. If the water level allows it, you will camp right next to Iripari lake.
    A welcome cocktail, dinner and a comfortable tent to sleep in will be waiting for you.
    Meals included: Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 2: Zancudo Camp - Laguna Iripari

In the early morning, you will get back in your canoe and explore the area on a birdwatching trip.
    When you return, you will get breakfast served in the camp.
    Shortly after, a hike through the primary forest is on your schedule. Your guide will explain plants, insects and whatever crosses your path. With a little bit of luck, you will be able to observe impressive wildlife.
    After lunch you can relax a bit before you set out to explore the lagoon, have a swim until the sunsets.
    In the evening, get ready for a short but exciting walk, where you will be able to spot nocturnal wildlife like giant insects, spiders or snakes.
    Dinner will be served afterwards.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 3: Lagarto Cocha flooded forest river system

After breakfast, you will break up your camp and head towards Lagarto Cocha river, a small and beautiful tributary to Rio Aguarico, at the actual border to Peru.
    You will continue upstream and explore this magnificent piece of earth deep in the rainforest, defined by rivers, lakes and forests.
    Delfin Cocha lake is your next destination, where grey and pink freshwater dolphins live. You can jump into the lake and have a nice swim before a picnic lunch is served.
    In the afternoon you will cruise around to explore the area and find a cozy spot to set up camp for the night. Afterwards you will have the chance to search for wildlife until the sun sets in this beautiful landscape. You will navigate back to camp through the darkness, observing nocturnal animals like night birds, snakes, bats, caimans, frogs and more.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 4: Secoya indigenous community

Today, very early, you leave camp for another birdwatching trip.
    After breakfast, you will navigate further upstream and look out for parrots and macaws, herons, egrets, toucans and many other different species of birds.
    With some luck you will be able to spot some of the 10 monkey species that live here.
    Your destination on this journey will be a secluded community of the Secoya indigenous nation. Secoya people are ancestral  people with great knowledge of their environment, flora and fauna. You will also go for a hike with a native indigenous guide who will tell us about their traditional way of life in the jungle, their secrets of healing or poisonous plants.
    You will be harvesting casabe, also called manioc or yuca with a lady from the community, who will show and make you part of their traditional bread making process. Your lunch today will include your self-made casabe bread. Delicious!
    In the afternoon you will get in the canoe and you make your way back to camp, where dinner is served.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 5: Rio Aguarico - Cocaya river campsite

Today, after a hearty breakfast, you will break camp and navigate slowly downstream, always looking out for the amazing wildlife, to the whitewater Rio Aguarico, and further down to the mouth of the blackwater Cocaya.
    A bit more upstream you will reach your new campsite. You will have a relaxing afternoon in and around your camp, and finish the evening with a night hike through the rainforest.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 6: Rio Cocaya

Today is another great day for exploring. A trip in your canoe around Cocaya, as well as a hike in the pristine forest, will be on your schedule.
    Later in the afternoon you can try your luck fishing for piranhas. In the evening you make your trip back to camp, where you can have a drink at the campfire.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 7: River Dolphin Project - Nueva Rocafuerte

It’s time to break again in the morning and make your way through the rivers until you reach a stunning River Dolphin Conservation Project that is entirely managed by the local Kichwa community. You will be able to see the dolphins up close and learn about the project. Later, of course, these dolphins will be released into the wild.
    • In the afternoon you will navigate to Nuevo Rocafuerte, a tiny village and the last bastion before the peruvian border.
    You won’t camp tonight, but be able to stay in a comfy hostel before your final journey tomorrow. Nuevo Rocafuerte is directly located in Rio Napo with stunning views all around.
    Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
    Accommodation: Tents at Campsite
    Type of service: Private

Day 8: Nuevo Rocafuerte - Río Napo - El Coca

Your last day starts early. You will leave Nuevo Rocafuerte and make your long way, around 180 km, up Rio Napo. Let your thoughts and memories drift into the distance of this amazing journey through the depths of the rainforest and enjoy these last hours browsing through this magnificent piece of earth.
    In El Coca, your trip finally ends, and you will have a last private shuttle to the airport or the bus terminal.
    Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch
    Type of service: Private

From USD 1850

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