17-Day Luxury Adventure

This Luxury Adventure is designed for people that want the best of the best; who like comfort and who want to explore the country in the finest possible way.


This trip will take you to the most extraordinary places in mainland of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.You will explore all the gastronomy, culture and wildlife that Ecuador has to offer.

During your trip, you will stay in the best hotels and lodges. You will have a combination of private and shared activities, always accompanied by the most professional guides in each destination.



  • This itinerary is subject to the availability of the cruise. If this cruise is not available, others will be suggested (prices might change).
17 Days
3+ Age
  • Destination

  • Included

    24/7 Assistance
    Domestic Flights
    English Speaking Guides
    Services as described
  • Not Included

    International Flights
    Personal Expenses
    Services not described
    Travel insurance

Day 1: Hello Quito

    Today, your Luxury  Adventure in Ecuador begins!
    You will be welcomed at the airport by your private guide who will take you to your hotel for some rest after your international flight.
    • You will stay in our favourite hotel in Quito, if not Ecuador… The marvellous
Illa Experience Hotel.
    From the second you enter the hotel you will be blown away by its beauty and its warmth. The hotel offers a unique cultural experience in the warmest and most welcoming traditional neighbourhood in the city.
    You will also enjoy a romantic dinner after you are settled in.

Day 2: Culture & History in Quito

Because we know you are probably tired of your long flight yesterday, you will have time to sleep late and have a delicious breakfast in your hotel.
    Later on, your guide will pick you up from your hotel to show you the most special places around Quito’s historic centre, one of the best-preserved colonial centres and one of the most important across the whole of Latin America.
    You will continue exploring the city, and finish your day by visiting La Virgen del Panecillo, located on the top of the hill of El Panecillo, a loaf-shaped hill in the heart of the city that serves as a backdrop to the historic centre of Quito.

Day 3: Chagra Experience & Horseback Ride

Today you will have one amazing experience of your trip, a beautiful horseback ride on the lower slopes of Corazon Volcano.
    You will enjoy a spectacular view of the valley dividing the eastern and western ranges of the Andes.
    But before going on horseback riding, the “Chagra” or Andean Cowboy will teach you to handle the lasso, how to handle the cattle, how to tie knots and the overall skills needed for a small “rodeo” (the local given name to a cattle drive, comes from the verb “rodear” which means surround) that will be held after you learn and practice the skills.
    Afterwards, you will then continue on your horseback riding adventure!
    You don't have to be an experienced rider to enjoy this beautiful ride. Beginners and experienced riders alike have found the horses in the hacienda easy to ride, willing and well mannered. But if you are an experienced rider you will be given plenty of opportunities to canter.
    You will always be accompanied by your very much experienced rider guide who will show you the way.
    After this beautiful experience, you will head back to your hotel in Quito where you will enjoy the spa and massages for you and your loved one.

Day 4: The Mashpi Reserve

Today you will go to one of the best and most luxurious lodges in the world, Mashpi Lodge.
    Mashpi Lodge, one of National Geographic’s Unique Lodges of the World, is the place to encounter 400 species of birds, trees, and frogs found nowhere else in the world, complete with crashing waterfalls and incredible flora.
    You will be picked up from your hotel and start driving northwest from Quito to enter a magical hidden world of the Ecuador Rainforest.
    A hideaway in the rainforest only accessible to its privileged guests and located on a scenic plateau, the lodge features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains right up close through its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows.

Day 5: Magical Day in Mashpi

One of the great things about Mashpi Lodge is that you decide in which activities you would like to participate.
    You are free to choose between different sites to visit. Your guide will show you the best options for you.

Day 6: Papallacta

Today is your last day in Mashpi. After breakfast your guide will pick you up from the lodge, to drive you east to the nice little town of Papallacta.
    The scenic drive to Papallacta passes through several towns and small villages before ascending to a peak of over 4,000 m, from where mountains and glaciers are visible. Descending from the peak to Papallacta, the ecosystems transform from alpine to tropical jungle.
    You will experience an unforgettable stay in a unique atmosphere, in the midst of a unique natural environment, where the combination of hot springs and the comfort of the facilities will provide experiences of relaxation and rest.
    You will have access to the spa pool circuit along with a full body massage.

Day 7: Amazon Rainforest: Yasuni Reserve

Only available to start on Mondays
    Gear up! Today your High-End Adventure will take you to the Amazon Rainforest.
    Your driver will pick you up and take you to the airport where you will catch your flight to El Coca.
    After taking a short 30- minute flight from Quito to the Amazon city of Coca, located in the Orellana Province, you will be transferred to the dock and board the motorized canoe to begin our 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the first sights and sounds of the Amazon. Soon, you will reach the Manatee Amazon Explorer and receive a warm welcome aboard.
    Once you have settled into the Manatee Amazon Explorer, you will be joined by expert local naturalist guides who will provide you with a brief and informative introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon.
    After dinner, you will plunge straight into the Amazon rainforest by going for a nighttime forest walk (optional excursion) to observe the forest’s nocturnal activity and experience the thrill of the vivid noises and aromas that come from so much biodiversity.

Day 8: Yasuni National Park & Secoya Community

After a delicious breakfast, you will go on a motorized canoe to spend some time exploring one of the large islands where we could see eagles, oropendolas, woodpeckers, and many other birds.
    You will then board the Manatee Amazon Explorer for lunch and enjoy the onboard experiences such as a spectacular ever-changing scenery view from the Amazon hut tub, a delicious cocktail at the bar and lounge, or admire the breathtaking landscapes from the observation deck.
    Later in the afternoon, you will visit a pristine and relatively undisturbed region of the Ecuadorian Amazon. You will be pleased to learn that this is the home of the legendary pink river dolphin!
    In this area, you can also find anacondas, river turtles and various primate species, as well as the colourful hoatzin, a unique bird that is known locally as the stinky turkey.
    Near Yasuní live the Secoyas, a minority community that you will have the opportunity to visit and share their traditions and lifestyle.

Day 9: Kichwa Family & Life On Board

You will start the day off by visiting an authentic Kichwa family located on the banks of the Napo River, where you will have the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community.
    You will then board the Manatee Amazon Explorer for some leisure time as you continue navigating upstream.
    At this time, you will be delighted with the life onboard activities and participate in a cooking lesson with an expert chef who will share recipes and techniques using fresh and organic ingredients to prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian food that you can replicate at home.
    After lunch, you are also invited to try your hand abilities at making traditional handicrafts and attend an ancestral culture lecture with one of the local guides.
    If you are in a more adventurous mood, a kayaking activity is the best choice to explore the surrounding nature. There is an option for everyone!
● For more adventurous travellers, this day, we are pleased to offer a camping program as an alternative manner to explore this enchanting destination (Optional activity for the 5 & 8 days Itinerary).  

Day 10: Canopy Tower & Forest Adventure

You will have time to relax and enjoy the Manatee Amazon Explorer during the morning.
    Later on, you will disembark to visit an observation tower in the rainforest canopy, which offers astonishing 360-degree vistas.
    The perspective at the top of this observation tower is truly glorious, looming above the lush treetops and providing a view of the sheer vastness of the Amazon Basin. This is the perfect photo opportunity! Birdwatchers and bird-lovers alike will especially enjoy this outing.
    In the afternoon, you will explore the nearby forest for a walk to discover a myriad of different animals and plant species that can only be found in the Amazon basin. A kayak activity is also available to explore this area.
    Back on board the Manatee Amazon Explorer, you will be delighted with an exquisite farewell dinner.

Day 11: Return to "Civilization"

This is where your adventure in the Amazon ends. Enjoy the last part of your return journey onboard and then disembark the Manatee Amazon Explorer to take the motorized canoe back to Coca (90 minutes ride approximately).
    You will continue to the airport to catch your flight back to Quito.
    Upon arrival, you will board the hotel shuttle that leaves every 30 minutes, check in and have a relaxing rest of the day.

Day 12: The Galapagos: Santa Cruz Island

Only available on Saturdays
    Today you will go to the enchanted Galapagos Islands.
    You will board the shuttle back to the airport to catch your flight to Baltra Airport (make sure you are there 2 hours before your flight).
    Your guide awaits you at Baltra Airport (GPS), he will bring you onboard your boat, the M/C Ecogalaxy, where you will have a welcome drink and lunch.
    On your first afternoon, you will already experience a highlight of the islands, the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz’s main city, Puerto Ayora.
    A private bus will bring you to the entrance, where you will join a guided tour through the station and its breeding centre.
    Here is where Lonesome George lived, the famous last individual of the giant tortoises from Pinta island.
    Unfortunately, George died in 2012, but the station remains an important place for other near-extinct species, being nurtured and bred before being released back to the wild of their original islands.
    Enjoy your first evening in the Galapagos with a drink on the deck of the EcoGalaxy.

Day 13: Tintoreras & Moreno Point

Today your trip to Isabela begins.
    The first stop will be Tintoreras, a small islet off Isabela’s coast, named after the White-tipped Reef Sharks, that live in its waters.
    On a hike, through scenic landscapes, you will discover marine iguanas basking in the sun, lava lizards, herons, gulls and sea lions.
    Back on board, breakfast will be served and you sail to your next destination, Moreno Point.
    On a dinghy ride along the coast and a path through lava rock leading to tide pools and mangroves, you will see a plethora of birds, perfect for birdwatchers. In the tide pools, green sea turtles or white-tip sharks can be spotted.

Day 14: Elisabeth & Urbina Bay

In Elisabeth Bay on Isabela, there is one of the island’s breeding sites for penguins. Brown pelicans, flightless cormorants, spotted eagle rays, golden rays and sea lions are also often seen.
    On an afternoon hike in Urbina Bay, a little more than three kilometres long, land iguanas and tortoises will most likely cross your path.
    In the waters also live red and blue lobsters.

Day 15: Fernandina Island

Fernandina is the third biggest island in the Galapagos and has only one visiting site: Espinoza Point, famous for the large colonies of marine iguanas and the home of the flightless cormorant, the Galapagos penguin and snakes.
    It’s the only island in the archipelago that doesn’t have any mammals, also, it’s the youngest island. The last eruption of the local volcano, Cumbre, only dates back to 2018.
    In the afternoon, you will travel back to Isabela, to Vicente Roca Point, which consists of two separate coves. This site is a large bay with spectacular sea life. Keep an eye out for seahorses, sea turtles, and the strange yet fascinating Mola mola (sunfish), the largest bony fish in the world.

Day 16: Santiago & Rabida Island

Today you sail east to the island of Santiago. Right next to it is the volcano Pan de Azucar, which contains a saltwater lake, which dries out in hot seasons.
    In the 1920s, explorations were made to establish a salt mine here, but luckily, those plans were dropped.
    South of Santiago is Rabida island, where you will sail in the afternoon.
    At the visitor's site, you will find a red sand beach and a short loop to hike. The scenery, defined by red rocks and the presence of endemic species makes this island simply breathtaking.
    In the evening, enjoy a cocktail on the deck of the EcoGalaxy and let your thoughts wander at your last night in the Galapagos.

Day 17: Black Turtle Cove & Back to Land

Black Turtle Cove, in the north of Santa Cruz island, will be your last adventure here. This bay is surrounded by mangroves and is accessible only by dinghy only. The shallow cove is a safe refuge for marine life. Black-tip reef sharks, marine turtles, and a variety of rays are often spotted here.
    You will be transferred back to Baltra Airport where you will catch your flight back to the mainland.
    Your Luxury Adventure ends at the airport, but we could extend it to any location. Have you been to Peru? It’s quite beautiful!
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