This post is universal for all our destinations!

Make sure to download maps to your phone, in case you get lost in a city and need to quickly find the way, even when offline.

You can either download an app that offers them offline like

HERE WeGo”, or, and this is what we prefer, use GoogleMaps offline.

For this just open the app, select the section you want to download. Type in the search bar ‘ok maps’ and press ENTER. Easy-peasy.

Google limits the size of the map you are able to download. The biggest size being roughly one third the size of mainland Ecuador. If you travel to several places, make sure you download several map sections and you are good to go.

It’s particularly fast to load, for a start, and because all the information is already stored locally on your phone, you won’t need to wait while route information or map tiles download. There’s no stuttering, no buffering and no chance of missing your turn while the connection catches up with your position.

Here are a few other apps you might want to check out:

BackCountry Navigator
Polaris GPS Navigation
Sygic GPS
Scout GPS Navigation


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