Internet access in EcuadorPeruColombia

Wifi is widely available. Hotels, restaurants, bars usually offer free wifi, just ask for the password (clave). In case you need an internet connection throughout your travels, you can buy a SIM card with enough data from providers like Claro.with probably having the best coverage throughout Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

Don’t expect to have constant coverage, especially in rural areas in the Andes or the Amazon basin, you will most likely be cut off for a while.

But even without internet, make sure you have some offline maps on your phone by using apps like or download offline maps from google. How to do that, we describe here in “M – maps”.

To give you an idea of how widespread internet is in Latin America:

In 2019, Latin America and the Caribbean was the fourth largest regional online market in terms of users. Behind Asia, Europe and Africa. As of June that year, there were over 450 million internet users in the region. That is an increase from just around 200 million in 2010. South America was the subregion with the largest internet penetration rate. With 72 percent of the population having access to this service.

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