This is important information for traveling to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru or any other destination for that matter:

It’s essential to have a valid travel health insurance for possible illness or injury. Carry the policy with you in case an immigration officer insists on seeing proof, which is very unlikely it happens, but just in case…

You might also want to think about being covered against loss (like baggage or tickets) and theft. In the event you have anything stolen, insurers usually need you to obtain an official statement („denuncia“) from the police.

For all our travellers we can, upon request, arrange an ecuadorian health insurance for the time in the country. Still we would advise you to arrange a travel insurance in your home country beforehand.

Here is a quick list with reasons why it is important:

1. Because you don’t want to lose all your money if you have to cancel your trip.

2. Because accidents can — and do — happen while traveling.

3. Because your health insurance probably won’t work overseas.

4. Because medical evacuations can be really expensive.

5. Because only 80 percent of U.S. flights arrive on time.

6. Because a missing bag can ruin your trip.


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