Identification and Passports


In Ecuador you have to carry some kind of identification with you. By law. Either the passport or a national ID.

Copies of the passport as an acceptable substitute might work at the discretion of the individual police officer. Notarized copies might be a plus.

Also, just in case, have pictures of all passports and documents stored on your phone and/or in a cloud.


The same as Ecuador. Although police rarely checks identification of foreigners. And if they do it is usually not a big hassle for you if you forgot it at your hotel.

But in any case, if you carry a copy or a national ID with you, it gives you peace of mind and is definitely not useless.


A copy of your passport is usually sufficient. Any other form of official identification is also helpful.

In Machu Picchu you have the possibility to get your passport stamped upon entry. But be aware: This might make your entire passport invalid for the future entry to various countries since the stamp is not a governmental one.

There have been numerous occasions where airlines or immigration officials denied boarding a plane or enterig a country when one of these souvenir stamps from e.g. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin is found between the legitimate immigration stamps.

So better don’t do that! 


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