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We are a small & sustainable travel company

so we can't be everywhere.
But we have selected a handful of sustainable travel companies around the globe that will gladly help you plan your conscious trip

Our friends Our friends


Committed to sustainable travel and to make as much as a possible positive impact on the people and the planet.

Why we trust them:

Habiba is Moroccan and knows her country inside-out. She will always guide you to discover the real culture and connect with real people.


RETHINK.TRAVEL is a platform for travellers who seek more from their travels than a nice place to stay.

Why we trust them:

Their mission is to empower people to make conscious travel and living the only choice, through a podcast, Instagram and website.
Nat, the founder, wanted to create a space for travellers and hoteliers, where people can learn about sustainable and regenerative travel, get inspired for their next journey and read the latest news coming directly from our favourite hotels around the world.

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