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The doorway to
Los Llanos

Yopal comes from the indigenous word yopo, which means heart and refers to a timber tree.

The essence of the llanero culture revolves around the feeling of the llanero and everything that is circumscribed to his daily life.

The most characteristic cultural manifestations are the joropo (typical dance and music), the llanero poem, the customs and traditional knowledge, the coleo (sport), its gastronomy and its popular festivals.


168,433 (2018)


350 m (1,150 ft)


February 22, 1915

You just need to let us organize your trip to Yopal in the best way to get to experience the best the city and its surroundings have to offer

From the viewpoint of Bellavista, in the west of Yopal, the plain seems to dawn without limits while the sun stains the sky with red, pink and orange tones. This is a good place to appreciate the landscapes of this city, where travellers enjoy the joropo, a rhythm of the Plains; and they enjoy typical dishes like la mamona (beef), among other things in Yopal.

Enjoy the parties such as International Tournament with a strong voice, Yopal Festival, National Colonies Festival, Garcero del Llano Festival and many more events you will find in Yopal.

Contemplating the landscapes of the Llano, and practising adventure sports like rafting are plans that attract travellers who get to know Yopal and the department of Casanare.

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