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Where South America once

South America is a wild, surprising and unique destination. However, there are countries that everyone wants to visit and there are others that travellers hardly ever get to.
Venezuela is undoubtedly one of them.

Venezuela is a country of numerous amazing places. It has the Andean peaks, Caribbean coastal beaches, swamps full of piranhas and anacondas and sand dunes, just to name a few.

It is known for its exuberant natural beauties, its diversity of landscapes and scenarios, its rich biodiversity of fauna and flora; its rich history and above all, for the joy of its people.
In addition, Venezuela is an oil-exporting country, stands out in beauty pageants and is the birthplace of the liberator Simón Bolívar, a great warrior who liberated numerous South American nations from Spanish rule. Most of the regions are large and each of them has a plaza that honours the great liberator.

Venezuela has a privileged location, north of South America above the equator, from its more than 2,700 kilometres of beautiful coastline, you can see the blue and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and more than 500 kilometres that embrace the imposing Atlantic Ocean.


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July 5, 1811

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If islands are your thing, Margarita Island is one of the main travel destinations in the country, due to its beautiful and sunny beaches, its proven vocation for the tourism and hotel industry

The archipelago of Los Roques, with its refined tourist industry and its paradisiacal and extremely blue beaches, is the centre and international reference point for tourism in Venezuela.

The Canaima National Park and the majestic Angel Falls are one of the main destinations in Venezuela, with mighty rivers, tepuis and jungles that go into the Gran Sabana in the Amazon.

The Plains (Los Llanos) are made up of extensive plains and savannahs that are home to impressive biodiversity of flora and fauna and a strong and captivating culture.

The impressive natural phenomenon of the Catatumbo Lightning attracts numerous travellers and scholars to appreciate its splendour, in the calm waters of the southern Lake of Maracaibo.

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