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Peru, the cultural focal point in South America! Countless civilizations have left their traces for over 5000 years in this piece of earth that are still visible today.

Most famously for, of course, the Incan Empire, who conquered vast lands in the Andes and beyond and ruled for around one hundred years. Until they were notoriously succeeded by conquistadors and the spanish crown.

Ancient civilizations

But for thousands of years and before the Inca, civilizations and cultures grew and rose to power and went eventually extinct. And yet not before leaving their footprints, constructions or artifacts in the sands of the pacific coast or under grass in the high mountains of this beautiful country. 

From the world-famous sites in Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred Valley to the lesser known, incredibly culture-rich north, where waves almost crash into ruins of pre-columbian civilizations or the indigenous nations that inhabit the Amazon basin to this day, Peru has thousands of stories to tell.

South America’s most famous cuisine

Nowadays, the country is not only still famous for those days long gone, but also for a thriving and diverse society. Also a cuisine that’s looking for equals in Latin America and the world. Lima, the capital, is nothing less than a culinary hotspot. 

An interested traveller can’t take in this diversity in only one trip, Peru is a country to return for!


Lima, by far the biggest city and home to over 10 million people, is a place nobody can miss when travelling Peru.

A huge variety of museums, churches, plazas and excellent restaurants are splattered around town, offering something for every interested visitor. 

Full of history and culture, from north to south. From the ruins of Kuelap, three times older than Machu Picchu, to the mysterious lines in the Nazca desert, 

fifteen hundred of them were scratched into the soil by ancient cultures up to 3000 years ago.

Off the beaten path

Lesser known, but equally impressive incan fortresses like Choquequirao hide in the depths of the Andes. The trek there is already an adventure and not as easily to be done. 

Or get on board a cruise ship that brings you deep into the rainforest, where isolated nations live. Rarely visited from the outside world, maintaining old traditions, beliefs and celebrations throughout Peru.

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