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This is not a country for scratching off of your bucket list, this is a country to visit over and over again. From the high Andes to the vast Amazon Basin, to the Pacific. Ecuador is spoiled with a great concentration of biodiversity unique in the world.

Being one of the few mega-diverse nations on a rather small territory makes the country stand out even in comparison to its large neighbours.

Diversity everywhere you look

From condors that fly between some of the most magnificent volcanoes, vicuñas that roam the Páramo landscapes. Caimans and pink dolphins that hunt and swim in the extensive river systems of Amazonia. To the tiniest animals, like the hummingbird, that seems to enjoy life here in a vast variety of species. 

The pacific coast is filled with beautiful beaches, winding roads, wide-ranging Haciendas with banana, coffee or cacao plantations. All this complements Ecuador’s varieties in every aspect. 

Every single corner lets you discover something else, and more.

Where to go?

Quito, the highest capital in the world, might be your entrance into the Andes and the Avenue of the Volcanoes. A mountain range stretching north to south through Ecuador, packed with some of the highest and most spectacular volcanoes South America has to offer.

Ingapirca, an ancient Incan fortress as well as Cuenca, a city packed with history and culture, both at the southern end of the avenue, are must-visit places.

In the Amazon basin, two large protected reserves, Cuyabeno and Yasuní, welcome visitors to explore the rainforest. If you want all the way to the borders of Peru and Colombia.

The Pacific Coast offers travellers cosy beach towns like Montañita or Esmeraldas,  hotspots for diving, surfing and great nightlife.

The cloud forests on the slopes of the Andes, with famous towns like Mindo, attract nature lovers and adventurers alike. A species-rich ecosystem and exciting activities like zip-lining or tubing. There are loads of possibilities in Ecuador!

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