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The cradle of the Incas

Every corner in Cusco is full of history!

You can still find vestiges around the city of what was the most important power of this ancient civilization.

The ancient history is breathed in every step you take through the streets of its towns, which seem to have stopped in time. Its cities, are full of so much mysticism that you will never want to leave.

How do you get to Cusco? Through a flight.

Due to the high demand from travellers, it was impossible not to have an international airport in Cusco, although most flights have to pass through Lima before reaching the imperial city.
From the Peruvian capital, it takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes to reach the chosen destination. However, it is not the only way to access Cusco: for those who love road trips, there are the Lima-Abancay-Cusco and Lima-Arequipa-Cusco routes that take about 21 to 26 hours, respectively.


428,450 (2017)


3,399 m – 11151.5 feet


Officially over 3,000 years old

You just need to let us organize your trip to Cusco in the best way to get to experience the best the city and its surroundings have to offer

Do you like mountaineering? A trip through the Ausangate, also known as the sacred mountain, will calm that need to release that accumulated energy that you have.

Nature lover? You cannot miss a visit to the Sacred Valley, which has towns that seem to have come out of the most creative fables you can imagine.

Do you melt for animals? Yes, there is also space for fans of fauna: Awanakancha, the only South American camelid theme park, is located in Cusco.

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