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Enjoyment of life, colorful people, foods and fiestas enrich the already breathtaking beauty of Colombia’s extraordinary landscapes.

Caribbean beaches and its picturesque towns, both sleepy and full of life, seemingly infinite plains inhabited by herds of capybaras. The straying and mysterious jaguar and millions of birds, the highlands with coffee plantations or cowboys herding here and there with their cattle. All of this forms Colombia as it is, a rich country in every aspect.

Cities like Bogota or Medellin, almost overloaded with culture and history round up the incredible diversity and offer great starting points for all adventures into the depths of Colombia.

Digging in to everything this country has to offer, with a genuine interest in its culture and people. It is probably one of the most fulfilling things a traveller can do when visiting Colombia.

‘Magical realism’, the country’s motto, will become very true here!

The caribbean coast of Colombia, with cities like Cartagena or Santa Marta. The stunning Tayrona National Park with chilled beaches in a James-Bond-like scenery shape the picture of the north.

The coffee triangle in the very center of the country invites travellers into stunning evergreen landscapes on altitudes between 1200 and 2000 metres.

Amazing safaris into the plains, by plane or jeep, crossed by rivers and creeks. This will give you an impression of the vast wildlife and nature between Colombia and Venezuela.

See humpback whales close to the pacific coast, go salsa dancing in Cali. Hike besides untouched lakes and through canyons in the south. Wander through the atmospheric mountain village of Villa de Leyva.

Colombia with all its diversity in every way of life is nothing less than an excellent experience. And definitely worth coming back again and again and again…

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