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Mail in Latin America



During the pandemic, the decision was made that the national mail couriers ‘Correos del Ecuador’ will no longer continue to operate.

That leaves us with only private options. DHL, UPS, FedEx are the big international competitors that are based in Ecuador, or for example Servientrega as a local mail service.

In general, we wouldn’t send anything if it can be avoided, since fast and secure ways are usually quite expensive.

Unfortunately, you will also have a hard time sending a postcard anywhere. You might have to stick nuying them just as a souvenir.



Sending mail within Lima and from Lima to the rest of the world is quite reliable, even if exceptions confirm the rule. Outside the capital, the courier is unfortunately less consistent. If you want to make sure your mail really reaches the recipient in Lima, Peru or elsewhere in the world, better send it as registered mail (“registrado” or “certificado”).

Airmail to Europe or North America takes up to two weeks. Packages and parcels can take around four to six weeks. At least they normally reach their destination. The post charges for sending postcards and letters to international locations are reasonable. Parcels are a bit more expensive depending on weight and destination.



Servicios Postales Nacionales are the couriers which operates as the Colombia’s official postal service under the name 4-72. The company assumed operations from Adpostal in late 2006. In addition to providing both national and international mail service and express courier service, 4-72 also facilitates postal payment services, among other services. The name 4-72 derives from the simplified coordinates of the geographic center of Colombia.




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