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Checklist Before your Trip

Travelling can be very stressful, especially if you are not prepared

You have to check if your passport is valid; check if you need a visa to your travel destination, etc.
But worry not, we broke it down for you in this fantastic checklist before your trip to make sure you do everything in the right order and that you don’t leave anything out

When you decide to book

Check your passport validity:
It must be valid for a minimum
of 6 months after your trips ends.
Check with your embassy
in your destination country,
since changes might be made
Check for necessary visas:
By entering some information
in IATA Travel Centre, you
can find out which documents
you would need for your trip
Travel book
Get some travel literature:
Books of information about the place
you are travelling to including information
about sights, restaurants, transportation,
and activities
Check your vaccinations:
You can check on the
World Health Organization page
to know which vaccines you will
need for your trip

A week before

Currency Exchange
Get foreign currency:
In Ecuador, you will need US Dollars
(no higher than $20 bills)
In Colombia, you will need Pesos
In Peru, you will need Soles
In Venezuela, you will need US Dollars
In Costa Rica, you will need Colón
Inform your bank about your trip:
They should know where to
and how long you will travel
to avoid any blocked cards
during your trip
Travel Documents
Prepare your travel documents:
Passport, flight tickets,
vouchers etc
Inform your government:
Your embassy should know about
your trip (there’s usually a manual
or online list, depending on
your country)
Packing List
Check our packing list:
Make sure you assemble all your
gear and clothing to pack over
the next week
Start doing laundry:
You will hate to start packing
and noticing your favourite sweater
is on the dirty clothes
Learn Spanish
Learn some Spanish:
a few words and phrases in Spanish
are always useful
Share your Itinerary
Share your travel plans:
Give your itinerary to family and friends
so they can reach you if needed
Find a home sitter:
Someone that takes care of your pets,
plants and mail
Load everything:
Check and load your electronic devices
(camera, power banks, tablet etc.)
Plan your trip to the airport:
Book/Plan your transfer from home
to the airport
Update your devices
Check your devices:
Update and make space on your phone
for pictures and videos

The day before your trip

Secure everything
Secure everything:
Make your house travel safe (take out the trash,
close and lock windows,
unplug electronics etc.)
Check your itinerary
Check your itinerary for check-in
and flight times
(you will get live updates from our app)
Finish packing:
Make sure you have everything
you’ll need for your trip
(medicine, clothing, papers, etc.)
Set your email:
Turn on email auto-responder
Online check-in
Online check-in:
Use online check-in for your flights,
reserve seats and print boarding passes
Set your alarms:
Set alarms for the next day

Departure day

Check your travel papers
Double & triple-check:
Check if you have all your essentials:
passport, visas, wallet, money,
credit cards, phone
Secure the house
Leaving the house:
Lock your doors, turn on alarms,
let your neighbours know you are
Carry on
At the airport:
Check carry-on bag: headphones,
sunglasses, medication, snacks, water bottle,
ear-plugs, pillow, entertainment
(book, music), camera
From now on, you leave everything to us.
Sit back and enjoy your adventure
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