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Wi-Fi in Latin America OK, this is kind of a big deal for most travellers. First of all: Internet access is widely available in South America. When you come to Ecuador and most

ECUADOR Most nationalities, including citizens from the EU, US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia don't need a visa but only a passport valid for more than 6 months. Most airlines will

ECUADOR Before your trip, consult a doctor about any new vaccinations or boosters that might be needed. Additionally to the standard  shots for Yellow Fever and rabies are commonly recommended, as well

Air travel: Ecuador has 2 international airports for in- and outbound transport: Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito (IATA:UIO) is located roughly 35km east of the city. José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport

Tipping In Latin America: It’s your personal decision whether to give something extra or not, but keep in mind that many people in the service industry in Ecuador make minimum wage,

Time zones in our destinations are pretty straight-forward. Here is a short list of all the differences and changes you need to know. Ecuador Mainland time zone is GMT/UTC minus 5 hours. Ecuador

ECUADOR Ecuador has a reputation of being one of the safer Latin American countries, so you don't have to be too concerned about your safety. Still, it's necessary to keep an eye

ECUADOR Ecuador has freedom of religion. The main religion in Ecuador is the roman-catholic faith. There are other smaller populations of christian faith, like Adventists, Evangelicals or Mormons. Also, there’s small communities of

ECUADOR The US dollar is the currency in Ecuador. Bills are accepted usually only up to 20$, so better don’t bring any bigger money into the country. Ecuadorian coins are used as well

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