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The history of Atahualpa the entire Incan Empire spans over 3 centuries. During this time, and especially between 1438 to 1533, the Incas conquered a large portion of western South America, from the north of Ecuador down to the center of modern-day Chile. They incorporated and subjugated other peoples, expanded and established their vast kingdom...
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Guerra de los Mundos - Quito
It was the 12th of February 1949, a Saturday evening, and most of the citizens of Quito, back then a city of a quarter-million people, were in their homes, their radios turned on to Radio Quito. A concert was broadcast. Nobody was thinking about Aliens. Suddenly, the regular program broke off, and radio announcers spread...
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The active Reventador
There are more than 70 volcanoes in around 300 km that make up the Avenue of the Volcanoes of Ecuador. The German geographer, naturalist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt is the one responsible for this name.
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How to get to Latin America
Delayed or canceled flights are a huge hassle, and booking platforms and their terms & conditions and possible or impossible reimbursements can be confusing, time consuming and pretty stressful. This guide will tell you a bit more about how to book the safest ways possible without putting your entire trip in jeopardy.
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Penguins north of the Equator
Since there are hundreds of thousands of islands around the globe, the Galapagos archipelago is one of the most well-known, its name has a special sound to it and the islands are many travellers’ bucket list item number 1! But why are they so special?
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Cotopaxi active ashes
Ecuador has, despite being a relatively small country wedged between Colombia and Peru, a total of 48 volcanoes. 15 on the Galapagos Islands and the rest on the mainland.
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Llama Header
Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos, Vicuñas - All the South American Camels you need to know about!
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The Galapagos Affair gained international attention when mysterious events among german settlers happened in Floreana in 1935.
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