Useful apps to keep on your phone while traveling.

Nowadays technology has become an indispensable tool in people’s daily lives, the multiple uses offered by Apps make daily tasks easier and faster. Can you imagine using applications to travel to South America to help you choose your next tourist destination? Good news, it’s possible!

Here are some useful applications to travel to South America that you can install on your smartphone to make it easier for you to travel to and through Latin America.

  • A language app, for learning a bit of spanish on the road, like Duolingo

  • Google translate, you can also download spanish to be able to also use it offline

  • Google Drive, for uploading and storing your photos and videos online

  • Skyscanner, for finding the best and cheapest flights

  • Uber, Cabify for finding safe and cheap taxis

  • Flightradar24, for tracking flights and also for your loved ones to see where you are at any moment

  • Seatguru, for finding the most comfy seats on planes
Extra tip:

Additionally, before you travel, remember to clean your phone! Delete unnecessary content in order to safe space for all the apps as well as the pictures and videos you will take. Also update your phone! 

There are many usefull apps that help you bringing some order in your files, like CCleaner.


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