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Helpful information to guide you through South America from A to Z

Listed from A to Z, we want to give you some valuable information to guide you through Ecuador, the Galapagos, Peru and Colombia.


  ECUADOR Quito Prices for airport-taxis are fixed when you go from/to Quito airport. Outside the terminal, you will find licensed taxis that can only charge a certain amount. Here is a quick overview to some of the more popular neighbourhoods of Quito: – Carcelén (Bus Terminal), 26.50 US$ – La Carolina, Centro Norte, […]

Almuerzo, the most important meal of the day

Almuerzos are everywhere! Around almost every corner in Ecuadorian cities and villages, you can find the most delicious almuerzos. Restaurants open up just before noon and close in the afternoon, around 3. It is Ecuador’s most favourite dish. Behind The Ecuadorian Gastronomy Ecuadorian gastronomy has been enriched by multiculturalism, the diversity of climates as […]

Altitude Sickness / Soroche

Altitude sickness (Soroche), the mildest form of acute mountain sickness, is the negative health effect of high altitude, caused by exposure to low amounts of oxygen at high elevation. Symptoms include headaches, vomiting, tiredness and dizziness. If it comes up, it usually occurs above 2500m (8,000ft.) When you arrive in Quito, already at 2850m […]


Useful apps to keep on your phone while traveling. Nowadays technology has become an indispensable tool in people’s daily lives, the multiple uses offered by Apps make daily tasks easier and faster. Can you imagine using applications to travel to South America to help you choose your next tourist destination? Good news, it’s possible! […]


What is biodiversity? It is the variety of life on Earth, in all its forms and all its interactions. If that sounds bewilderingly broad, that’s because it is. Biodiversity is the most complex feature of our planet and it is the most vital. More formally, biodiversity is comprised of several levels, starting with genes, […]

Carbon Calculator

A carbon footprint calculator is a critical tool for determining the influence of a person’s actions on global warming. Try it out!


ECUADOR Ecuador is a year-round destination. So generally it’s climate makes it absolutely possible to travel to all regions all year long. Its location directly on the equator makes the weather also quite stable. 4 seasons like in most countries in the northern hemisphere don’t exist. If high seasons would have to be named, […]

Couriers / Mail

ECUADOR During the pandemic, the decision was made that the national mail couriers ‘Correos del Ecuador’ will no longer continue to operate. That leaves us with only private options. DHL, UPS, FedEx are the big international competitors that are based in Ecuador, or for example Servientrega as a local mail service. In general, we […]

Disabled travelers

ECUADOR Unfortunately, Ecuador’s infrastructure is limited for disabled travelers. Lenin Moreno, the country’s president from 2017 to 2021, being dependent on a wheelchair himself since the 1990s, has done a lot in his public-service work to address the issue. But, there are only a few wheelchair ramps, mostly in newer buildings and hotels. Bathrooms […]


ECUADOR Standard electricity supply is 110V/60Hz. The sockets are for 2 flat prongs, the same as in the USA. Use a surge protector for your expensive equipment. An international plug with a USB-hub is useful, maybe combined with a multiple plug if you use lots of electronics. COLOMBIA In Colombia the power plugs and […]

Emergency numbers

In case of an unfortunate event, you can always call the following emergency numbers: For ECUADOR: Local:: 911  National police: 101 Fire Department: 102 Red Cross / Ambulance / Crisis: 131 If possible, let a spanish speaking person handle the call since it’s most likely you won’t be able to reach an english speaking […]

Flights to the Galapagos

Be aware that there’s two different prices when you book flights to the Galapagos islands. One is the price for locals, both Ecuadorians and temporary or permanent residents, that have an Ecuadorian ID (‘cédula’). The second price, the higher one, is the tourist price. Airlines always will ask for your cédula-number in case you […]

Health risks

Altitude sickness In areas higher than 2500m you should keep a close look at your health and well-being, since altitude sickness is common up here. You might be lightheaded and dizzy for the first days, when you for example arrive in Quito, which is already at 2850m. Take it easy the first few days, […]

Identification and Passports

ECUADOR In Ecuador you have to carry some kind of identification with you. By law. Either the passport or a national ID. Copies of the passport as an acceptable substitute might work at the discretion of the individual police officer. Notarized copies might be a plus. Also, just in case, have pictures of all […]


This is important information for traveling to Ecuador, Colombia, Peru or any other destination for that matter: It’s essential to have a valid travel health insurance for possible illness or injury. Carry the policy with you in case an immigration officer insists on seeing proof, which is very unlikely it happens, but just in […]


Internet access in Ecuador – Peru – Colombia Wifi is widely available. Hotels, restaurants, bars usually offer free wifi, just ask for the password (clave). In case you need an internet connection throughout your travels, you can buy a SIM card with enough data from providers like Claro.with probably having the best coverage throughout […]


Doing laundry in Ecuador – Peru – Colombia Many hotels, hostels, haciendas and lodges offer laundry service. Also most towns will have a laundry (lavanderia), where your clothes are washed, dried and folded for you. They are mostly inexpensive and either charge by the pound (“libra”) or by the item. This usually takes 24 […]


This post is universal for all our destinations! Make sure to download maps to your phone, in case you get lost in a city and need to quickly find the way, even when offline. You can either download an app that offers them offline like “HERE WeGo”, or, and this is what we prefer, […]


ECUADOR The US dollar is the currency in Ecuador. Bills are accepted usually only up to 20$, so better don’t bring any bigger money into the country. Ecuadorian coins are used as well in the country alongside US ones, though the ecuadorian ones don’t have a value outside of Ecuador. In most shops and […]


ECUADOR Ecuador has freedom of religion. The main religion in Ecuador is the roman-catholic faith. There are other smaller populations of christian faith, like Adventists, Evangelicals or Mormons. Also, there’s small communities of jewish or islamic faith, as well as a scattering of other faiths. Indigenous communities still value their much more nature-based faiths, […]


ECUADOR Ecuador has a reputation of being one of the safer Latin American countries, so you don’t have to be too concerned about your safety. Still, it’s necessary to keep an eye open and follow common sense: Thieves and pickpockets favour crowded places like markets, public transport, city centres. Keep your belongings close to […]

Time zone(s)

Time zones in our destinations are pretty straight-forward. Here is a short list of all the differences and changes you need to know. Ecuador Mainland time zone is GMT/UTC minus 5 hours. Ecuador Time (ECT), as named by the IANA time zone database, is the time observed in mainland Ecuador since 1931. Ecuador Time […]


Tipping In Latin America: It’s your personal decision whether to give something extra or not, but keep in mind that many people in the service industry in Ecuador make minimum wage, which is at the moment 425US$ per month, so of course, everybody is happy about a little something as gratification. Tipping in Ecuador: […]


Air travel: Ecuador has 2 international airports for in- and outbound transport: Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito (IATA:UIO) is located roughly 35km east of the city. José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil (IATA:GYE) is only a few kilometers outside the city. Both airports have several connections to North America and Europe, […]


ECUADOR Before your trip, consult a doctor about any new vaccinations or boosters that might be needed. Additionally to the standard  shots for Yellow Fever and rabies are commonly recommended, as well as Hepatitis A and B. A Yellow Fever certificate is needed when entering from infected areas. Malaria precautions should be taken in […]


ECUADOR Most nationalities, including citizens from the EU, US, Canada, Great Britain and Australia don’t need a visa but only a passport valid for more than 6 months. Most airlines will also ask you for a return ticket at check-in to your flight to Ecuador. The tourist visa you get upon entry is valid […]


Wi-Fi in Latin America OK, this is kind of a big deal for most travellers. First of all: Internet access is widely available in South America. When you come to Ecuador and most Latin American countries, you will find Wi-Fi at most convenient places. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, whatever. They usually have open […]